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5 Ways to Get Ready for Fall Tuesday, August 22 2023


1.  Spruce up those cozy fall clothes - Get out your fall clothes and see if any of them need repair.  This is a great time to replace buttons, mend, and even replace collars and cuffs - check out our new convenient baby rib and heavyweight  rib 6" strips for cuff and collar repair!  


2.  Renew old clothes with dye - Use Fiber Reactive or Natural Vegetable dyes to give new life to lightly stained and tired clothing, and make them feel fresh and new again!

dye clothing

3.  Add spark with embroidery and visible mending - visible mending is great to prolong the usefulness of clothing while adding custom touches for a one of a kind garment you will look forward to wearing!  

embroider over holes

4.  Add a few new layers and accessories - Thermal knits, Fleece, and Flannel can all be made into simple and stylish layers to freshen up your existing wardrobe.  Long sleeved t-shirts and leggings are versatile and help to hold the heat in on those chilly days.


cozy warm layers

5.  Make a cozy quilt - Cut around worn spots in old clothing and encorporate the rest into a warm and cozy quilt.  Sandwich organic cotton or wool batting between the layers to make a lightweight cotton quilt layer or a heavier wool quilt.  You can even fold the quilt in half and stitch up the side for a special sleeping bag for kids!  

flannel quilt


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    August 25, 2023 Esther says: This is a great article filled with good ideas. I am not only going to follow your suggestions, I feel compelled to share your knowledge with my friends and family. It’s inspiring to read about ideas that are practical and enjoyable to do. Thankyou for writing this article!

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