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Mama's Maternity Shirt Friday, January 30 2015
Creation: Maternity Sweat Shirt
Fabrics UsedCornflower Interlock
The Visionary: Heather Feather, Feathers Flights
Our Thoughts:  Heather from Feathers Flights made a maternity sweat shirt with slits using our Cornflower Interlock. She looks so elegant.
As I've unpacked all my maternity and nursing clothes from my last pregnancy, I've realized I don't really have anything for winter. Henry was born in September so all my maternity clothes are basically shorts and tees. I need to make a bunch of winter maternity clothes before the snow comes! At Organic Cotton Plus they have lots of different types of fabric, but I, of course, chose knit. I can't go against my first true love, right? I chose interlock in cornflower because I wanted to make a maternity sweatshirt. Interlock is more stable than jersey but not quite as thick as sweatshirt fleece.
I loved working this quality, organic fabric. It is so soft to the touch, and I loved the hand it had: soft with structure. I was really impressed with how easy this fabric was to work with; it did everything I wanted it to! I'm a sucker for blue, and this blue is slightly heathered.
I used a tunic sweatshirt that I have as a base but widened the stomach for a belly and changed the sleeves to raglan style. I wanted it to be loose, cute, and comfortable, and I feel I achieved that
I like making maternity clothes that have nursing access, so the neckline opens on both sides with snaps. It love the look and love that it's so easy to unsnap. I also added another snap to the sweatshirt before taking these next pictures. Three looks more finished than two.


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