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Nifty Art Supply Organizer Monday, April 20 2015
Creation: Nifty Art Supply Organizer
The Visionary: Erin, HelloSociety Influencer, http://erindollar.com/
Our Thoughts:  Erin, an HelloSociety Influencer made a nifty art supply organizer and some cool coasters using our Natural Twill and Notions. We love em!
I was eager to try a DIY project with the Organic Twill - it's a great middleweight fabric, which makes it great for a many different types of DIY projects. I loved experimenting with the Procion Dyes on the twill, the fabric soaked up the dye like a sponge, and it was super easy to create a shibori-inspired design.

I improvised my own DIY by roughly following two Martha Stewart tutorials, one for the art supply organizer, and another for the quilted fabric coasters. I used to make printed linen coasters for my home goods company, Cotton & Flax, so I created something similar here with the Organic Twill. The cotton thread and natural twill tape were perfect for these projects, and kept to the simple, natural theme I was looking for. Everything was sewn using my trusty Janome Travel Mate, no fancy machines needed to create these simple designs.

Warmer weather means I'll have more opportunities to sketch outside, and the art supply organizer will keep all my brushes handy for when I'm ready to get out my paints. Likewise, now that it's Spring, I'm hoping to host more friends for cocktail hour, and the simple coasters will brighten up my table.
Images courtesy: Erin Dollar, HelloSociety Influencer


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