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Perfect Playdate Dress Tuesday, April 21 2015
Creation: Perfect Playdate Dress
Fabrics Used: Lunada Bay Voile
The Visionary: Janice, SoCal Sewing Mom
Our Thoughts:  Janice from Socal Sewing Mom made a really cute summer dress for her daughter using our Lunada Bay Voile fabric - perfect for playdates!
I chose some delicious fabric from Organic Cotton Plus - Lunada Bay voile from Cloud 9. Organic fabric - need I say more? Well, I had never sewn with voile. In fact, I don't even think I had ever felt it before. It's a beautiful weight - lightweight, but not so light that it's difficult to sew. It's like a cotton lawn, but a bit lighter weight. I did line the body of this dress using voile as well.
This is a straight up size 5. I haven't made her any size 5's yet, but she is 5 years old....I think size-wise she is more like a size 4 with a 6 length, but I'm a very lazy sewist. I was hoping that this would fit her for a while, but looking at the length, I'm sure she'll outgrow it length-wise fairly soon. She's still at like 41 pounds - I think she's been the same weight for a year!
Really, the yoke on this pattern just slays me...
I absolutely agonized over the decision to put flat piping under the yoke, or lace. I also got some absolutely beautiful cotton, organic lace from Organic Cotton Plus. After playing with it, and thinking about it, I like my decision to just let the embroidery and the beautiful fabric stand for themselves. The lace will be used in another project, very soon.

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    May 04, 2015 Krissy says:

    Thank you for posting your lovely creation! Would you please share the name of the pattern you used. Thank you, Krissy

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