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Elegant Easter Dresses Tuesday, April 21 2015
Creation: Elegant Easter Dresses
Fabrics Used: Lunada Bay Voile
The Visionary: Caroline, SewCanShe.com
Our Thoughts:  Caroline from SewCanShe.com made adorable Easter dresses for her children using our Lunada Bay Voile.
The fabric I picked is Lunada Bay organic cotton voile (so fine and pretty), with a solid version of the same voile for the dress linings.

I really like the Organic Cotton Plus website. It's easy to navigate and there are lots of explanations and descriptions (including this one that explains why Organic fabric is so special) This way you know just what you're getting. Plus the prices are very competitive with low shipping. I shopped around so I know. :)
The front and back of the dresses are covered in little tucks. Not pintucks that I could sew with a special sewing machine foot, but 5mm tucks that had to be measured, marked, pressed, and sewn one at a time. But I loved the process. I love the fact that my girls are wearing truly unique dresses made by me. And I'm very grateful to my husband for putting the kids in bed many nights while I de-stressed in front of my sewing machine sewing those tucks.
Chloe's dress is size 156 (European sizing), the largest size that this pattern comes in. So I shouldn't have been surprised when at first she thought the shape was too little-girly for her. But I pulled this skinny turquoise belt out of my closet and it worked perfectly to give the dress a more grown-up feel.
Cadie's dress is size 116 and she loves the flowy, twirly shape.


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