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Lovely Lace Lounge Shorts Thursday, May 7 2015

 Creation: Lovely lace lounge shorts

Fabrics Used: Natural Lace 68mm

The Visionary: Erin, Sewbon.com

Our Thoughts:  Erin from Sewbon.com made a beautiful pair of lounge shorts trimmed with our organic natural lace. So cool for the summer!


I cruised through Organic Cotton Plus website looking at all their gorgeous fabrics and laces,after reading about the differences between organic cotton and conventional cotton in their Learning Center, I knew this was a company that I would love to support.




I picked out this gorgeous lace and it quickly arrived at my door. I was very impressed with the quality of the lace. It was substantial yet delicate, and absolutely beautiful.




I thought the lace would look great as some trim on some lounge shorts. So, I created some self drafted PJ shorts and then, after trimming the lace down to one row, attached it to the shorts.



I also added a little snippet of lace into the waist band to act as the tag. It’s so weird, but I always have the hardest time figuring out front from back in self-drafted PJs.



I think these turned out really cute, although I think I will add some more rise into my shorts pattern next time. I’m still trying to get the hang of self-drafting!



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