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Dazzlin Denim Shift Dress Monday, August 24 2015

Creation: Dazzlin Denim Shift Dress

Fabrics Used: Natural Lace

The Visionary: Suzannah, Create/Enjoy

Our Thoughts: Suzannah from Create/Enjoy created a lovely denim shift dress using our Natural Lace. So simple, yet elegant.



I  did it again. A shift dress, my favorite plain pattern, neutrals/basic fabrics. Several of my recent dresses have been white, denim, or black...  This dress was inspired by a few much more elaborate denim and chambray and lace dresses...
I thought about doing something similar when I had a chance to try some organic cotton naturally colored lace from Organic Cotton Plus, but I was so overwhelmed by all the designs and options that I just had to go with something simple. I know that things are always nicer when you take the time to do them right... so I sewed these rows of lace on by hand (small stitches on top, large on the underside, in a consistent pattern).
How cool is this lace?!




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