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Classic Button Up Shirt Friday, July 20 2018
Organic Cotton Plus offered to send me some fabric (they sent me the fabric for free, but my opinions about it are my own), and this classic cotton chambray jumped out at me. After considering several pattern options, I decided it needed to be paired with an equally classic one...
The Liesl + Co Classic Shirt pattern is a definite TNT for me! The pattern is exactly as billed: a classic shirt that looks good in a variety of fabrics. A match meant to be.
On this chambray Classic Shirt, I made the same size and alterations as I have on my last few iterations of the pattern: 16 D, full bicep adjustment, shortened by an inch in the bodice, and curved the hemline to be more of a classic shirt-tail.
Chambray is classically blue and white (just trying to see how many times I can say variants of "classic" before kicking my own ass), but this one, in the forest colorway, is a gorgeous blue-green warp threads and white weft threads. Perfectly summery. The fabric is excellent for shirts: lightweight and really easy to sew.
I also love the texture of this chambray. It has a cool striated, slub in white thread, running parallel to the grain. I played with that stripe a bit by cutting the yokes, cuffs and pockets on the cross grain. It's subtle, but I like it.
The perfect (but not particularly classic) matching green buttons were in my stash. 

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    August 31, 2020 Tirenavi says:

    nice dress. jeans with simple shirt. i like this images and cloth fitting. thank for sharing it.


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