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DIY Pillowcases Monday, January 29 2018
Materials (for one pillowcase):
  • Two pieces of fabric, each 1 yard
  • One 22" zipper ( I used an "invisible" zipper, it hides the teeth of the zipper)
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter and fabric scissors
  • Pins and clips
First lay your fabric right sides together. If you are using a patterned fabric, be mindful of the direction in which the pattern is going, making sure it is the way you want it. Then take an existing pillowcase and lay it on top. Cut out your fabric around the pillowcase leaving about an inch around all sides, this will be your seam allowance.
Clip all the edges together.
Place your existing pillowcase back on top and pin your fabric all along the edges of the pillowcase.
Here comes the tricky part, attaching the zipper. You will want the right side of the zipper facing the right side of your fabric. Starting with the fabric on top, place the right side (looking at the zipper right/correct side up) of the zipper along the edge of the fabric and pin.
Sew the zipper on. Before attaching the other side of the zipper, make sure to unzip it just a little bit. Then take the left side of the zipper (still with the right side facing the right side of the fabric) and pin it along the edge of the bottom piece of fabric. Sew on.
Once you have sewn on your zipper, make sure that it is unzipped enough for you to be able to unzip it all the way once you've sewn all your edges together. Next clip the fabrics together with the zipper sandwiched in between, this will just hold your fabric in place at the top while sewing the rest of the edges. Start to sew in the same path your pins are running. *If you are using an interlock or a knit fabric, keep in mind that it stretches so you will want to smooth out your fabric before sewing along the next edge, to be sure there is no bunching.
Lastly, un zip your zipper and turn the fabric right side out! There you have your very own customized pillowcase!
A few tips: Before turning your fabric right side out, stick a pillow in it. You may have to adjust your measurements a little bit. Mine was a little too long so I had to cut off a few inches and re-sew the bottom. Also, If there is a lot of excess fabric along your seams, trim it off, that way you won't have lumpy parts in the case.


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