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Lavender Rainbow Unicorn Sweatshirt Wednesday, January 4 2017
Creation: Lavender Rainbow Unicorn Sweatshirt
The Visionary: Tara, Girl Like the Sea
Our Thoughts: Tara's too-cute sweatshirt with our lavender fleece is perfectly cozy for her little one!
What does a princessy forest fairy 7 year old want?
Purple pastel rainbow unicorn sweatshirt.
Especially when said rainbow unicorn sweatshirt is made with super comfy, soft organic cotton fleece. If my kids try to claim that I never pampered or spoiled them, I’ll be reminding them of the crazy stuff I made them. Like silk pajama shorts. Yep. Done it. Never blogged it, so it technically doesn’t exist….. but I did sew them!
Fabric is lavender cotton fleece from Organic Cotton Plus. Originally I was going to make this from some gorgeous dark eggplant french terry, but it was out of stock. Clover is a major purple person. There is a significant segment of the population who are purple people. While there are certain shades that agree with me, I can’t claim to be in the purple club.
I do love my daughter though. Therefore I found another purple for her highness, and this is probably even more comfy than the first option would have been. Their baby rib is really nice too. I’ve bought baby rib from a few different places, and theirs is by far the best. It’s stretchy and sturdy at the same time. This is the plum rib.
I could definitely see myself making some kid pajamas out of this and not having it looking gross and saggy kneed right away. Does that bother anyone else? When cheap baby rib PJs look all permanently bowed out at the knees and saggy in the butt after a couple of wears? nasty.
I’ll admit that while finishing this project, I actually wanted to be working on a painting lesson from an online painting course I’m taking (will kemp art school. love it. It’s a little like getting painting lessons from Hugh Grant) and so I ended up whipping out my palette knife and mixing my speedball screenprinting paints into some pastels.
She squealed when she saw it.
One thing I love about sewing with really high quality fabrics is that they look nice even when they’re getting older and worn out. They wear more to vintage than trashy. Especially when Clover is taking care of them. She’s pretty cautious and doesn’t get her clothes really messy.
Violet can make anything turn to trash pretty quickly though. Food stains and massive paint splotches all over everything. We already have the “stop wearing my clothes!!!!” screaming arguments between our girls, and they aren’t even teenagers yet.
Oh, hey! Baby brother sighting. Asher is 8 months old and a mobile terror of activity. When he isn’t making me hold him constantly.
I love this view. It’s got a subtle high low hem and great curved side seams. It makes the project a little more special without making it any more complicated. You can see another one I made long ago (plus a pretty funny cranky sister photo shoot) here.
Organic Cotton Plus provided me this fabric in exchange for a review, which is great because I love their fabric anyway and shop on their site even without sponsored fabric. They have some good yarns too. I’ve bought twice from them and loved what I got both times.


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