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Off Shoulder Dress Tuesday, April 11 2017
Creation: Off Shoulder Dress
Fabrics Used: 40 Ginkos Sateen by Harmony Art
The Visionary: Victoria, Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing
Our Thoughts: Victoria at Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing made a lovely off-shoulder dress with Harmony Art's bold 40 Ginkos sateen. 
Upon searching the Organic Cotton Plus website, I have to admit the Ginkos sateen fabric immediately jumped out at me. It was almost a visceral reaction. I knew that was the fabric I wanted to work with. The colors, for one, were of great depth and vibrancy. The fabric definitely epitomized my aesthetic.  As a professional sewer, we know that the clothes we sew are greatly defined by the fabrics we use. The right fabric will elevate a design while the wrong would break it. I knew the Ginkos fabric was absolutely the right choice! My process of design starts with fabric and then I pick a design based on it. After selecting the Ginkos fabric I really wanted to create something that was worthy of it and really promoted its beauty. I'm always careful when I work with printed fabrics. I usually select designs that don't overpower the print and instead serve as a better canvas for it. No one wants to walk around looking like a floral printed couch (smile).  I rolled ideas in my mind for a few weeks. Given the feminine floral pattern I decided to make an off the shoulder dress with slightly flared sleeves and an assymetrical hem. I'm so glad I did!  I'm delighted at how well this turned out! The fabric really elevated the design. Again, thanks to Organic Cotton Plus Ginkos sateen by Harmony Art for creating such a beautiful fabric to work with!!!


    April 12, 2017 Dara says:

    Very Pretty , Victoria!

    April 13, 2017 Linda says:

    Great job – love that print.

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