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Sailor Pant & Waffle Knit Tee Thursday, November 29 2018
When Organic Cotton Plus contacted me about another review in preparation for Black Friday (note the Holiday Deals below!) I decided to make something for winter.  I like to try out something new each time I test out fabric. I also always make sure to only sew what I would normally make and buy myself. I really hate making things that won’t get use in my wardrobe.
This time around I went with this heavier weight Hemp and Organic Cotton Weave in Indigo paired with  a knitted waffle knit rib fabric in grey and navy.  Ever since I made my blue culottes I’ve been wanting to make the full length version with the button front waist.  I just love a classic sailor pant!

The hemp mix is almost like a cross between denim and linen.  It’s 10 oz, so a great pant weight. Not too stiff and easy to sew.  The color is a rich indigo with a bit of texture in the weave. Just lovely.  This rib knit is just what I was looking for.  I have a store bought tee in a rib that I’ve wanted to recreate and this knit is perfect.  Nice and stable to work with with just enough stretch that it holds its shape well.  Plus it’s surprisingly soft.  I’m sucker for a good stripe (half my me made tops are stripe tees at this point.)
I’m trying to be a bit pro-active this year and sew ahead of season. It’s still quite warm here in Florida but my winter wardrobe is always a bit sparse.  The winter season is more fall like here and only lasts a short time so by the time I get around to sewing its usually already warming up again.  Not this year!
The pant pattern is Very easy Vogue 9282 view C in a size 12 which I needed to take in quite a bit.  I may need to size down to a 10 at the waist next time.  The pant pattern is actually a faux button front with a back zip so I had to alter my pattern to make a functional front button panel. I really don’t like the look of a back zip on a pant so I knew I’d be doing some altering.  I made a false front underlay that closes with a large hook bar at center front that is sewn to the center seam panel and then two drop down front panels.
I wanted to try something different for my button closures and learn a new technique so I looked through my back issues of Threads for a new method. The one I used is by Lois Ericson for unconventional bound buttons from a 2010 issue (I forget which one-I’ll go back and check later). Here’s a link to the method.  I found this a wonderful and very simple method to add two long welt buttonholes that are then sewn closed in between the buttons. Time saving and elegant.  I also added inseam large pockets. I used old dress shirt and silk fabric scraps for them as well as for interfacing. My fav way to use up scraps.


    December 04, 2018 Barb Trudeau says:

    Your outfit looks great and fits you perfectly. Thank you for explaining the texture and feel of the fabrics you used. And thanks for your tip on using old shirt fabric for linings. Love that !

    December 04, 2018 Laura Paulisich says:

    WOW!!! LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I agree it helped so much to hear about the texture, weight and feel of the fabrics!

    December 04, 2018 Christine says:

    Lovely! I really like the long welt button method. The lines it creates really compliment the sailor pant. I had a beloved pair of sailor pants I wore to death, the construction of which might be of interest. The zipper is in the center front and the whole front piece buttons up or flaps down to open the pants and reveal the zipper. When closed, it is a uni-pocket. Have pictures with pocket open and closed. How to upload, though?

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