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11 Ways Natural Shredded Latex is Good For You and the Planet Friday, April 8 2022
                                             Shredded Natural Talalay Latex

Our shredded natural talalay latex starts out as scraps from production of pillow forms and mattresses.  We shred those scraps into a stuffing material that can be used in pillows, bean bag chairs, stuffed animals, and anything else you want to stuff! 


Here are 11 ways our Shredded Natural Latex is good for you and the planet:


1. No Off Gassing - natural latex does not contain any VOC's and no harmful substances or chemicals are used in the production of the natural latex foam

2. Resistant to Dust Mites - natural latex is naturally resistant to dust mites, helping to allay allergic reactions

3. Anti-microbial - get the benefits of anti-microbial properties without the use of any harmful chemicals

4. Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certified - certifed safe for babies, and to be free of harmful substances and chemicals, by Europe's highest consumer product standard

5. Breathable - when used for pillows and mattresses, natural talalay latex is naturally breathable and keeps you cool 

            Shredded Latex is made from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree

6. Eco-friendly Manufacturing - talalay latex foam is made using an energy efficient process that does not use solvents and minimizes water use
7. Renewable - natural talalay is made from the sap of the tropical hevea brasiliensis tree, and is a naturally renewable resource
8. Reclaimed materials - pre-consumer scraps from manufacture of bedding products are shredded, keeping valuable materials out of the landfill
9. Long Lasting - talalay foam is durable and will retain its springy nature for a long time
10. Biodegradable - because talalay latex foam is made from 100% natural latex sap without harmful chemicals it can be composted
11. Made in the USA - manufactured and shredded right here in the US, reducing greenhouse gases associated with importing bulky materials


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