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Halloween bagels

Vintage Baby Dress and Bonnet

  1. Creation: Vintage Baby Dress and Bonnet

Fabrics Used: Miraleste Voile

The Visionary: Terra, Mama Says Sew

Our Thoughts:  Terra from Mama Says Sew made a beautiful vintage dress and matching bonnet for her adorable baby. So cute!'




I was going to use this lovely voile fabric to make a button up shirt for me, because this was the perfect lightweight fabric for a summer shirt, but I ended up using it to make this vintage baby dress and bonnet that I've been wanting to make for my baby.



Halloween bagels

Lovely Lace Lounge Shorts

Creation: Lovely lace lounge shorts

Fabrics Used: Natural Lace 68mm

The Visionary: Erin, Sewbon.com

Our Thoughts:  Erin from Sewbon.com made a beautiful pair of lounge shorts trimmed with our organic natural lace. So cool for the summer!


I cruised through Organic Cotton Plus website looking at all their gorgeous fabrics and laces,after reading about the differences between organic cotton and conventional cotton in their Learning Center, I knew this was a company that I would love to support.