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Elegant Easter Dress Monday, June 8 2015
Creation: Elegant Easter Dress
The Visionary: Ajaire, Call Ajaire
Our ThoughtsAjaire at CallAjaire made an elegant Easter dress for her daughter using our Garden Sateen and she looks pretty as a picture.
The front zipper detail elevates the look of the classic A line shape with a Peter Pan collar to a modern style.
The fabrics for this dress came from Organic Cotton Plus and if you haven't purchased from them yet, you are missing out. The solid orchid color that I used for the collar is this 110" sateen sheeting and the print is this 110" sateen. I am a huge fan of sateen and these 100% organic fabrics have just the right amount of sheen to make them stand out for special occasions, yet the wear and care of the fabrics are great for every day wear. With the extreme width of these 110" sateens, they are perfect for use in bedding. I'll definitely be making some sheets for Bean once she upgrades from her toddler bed so I'm already looking at the rest of the prints to find one she'll love (here's a purple one she'd flip for).
I also used this lovely lilac braided ribbon. It's available as 25 yard continuous skeins so it can easily be used for yarn crafts. I had decided to add a bit of trim to the banded sleeve of the A Line A La Mode to make it special for Easter, so I crocheted a scallop shape using the ribbon and sewed it onto the sleeve where the band would go. The band was used instead as binding to cover the raw edges underneath the sleeve.


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