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Foxy Layette

Creation: Foxy Layette & Baby Jacket

Fabrics Used: Fox in the Foxgloves Navy Poplin, Chocolate Blanket Fabric, Natural Heavy Flannel

The Visionary: Beth, 110 Creations

Our Thoughts: Beth from 110 Creations made an adorable layette with our woven print and a cozy jacket with a couple of our warmest, softest fabrics!


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Creation: Sleeveless Blazer

Fabrics Used: Grey Twill & Pink Batiste

The Visionary: Beth, 110 Creations

Our Thoughts: Beth at 110 Creations made a lovely sleeveless Blazer to compliment her bump using Grey Twill and Pink Batiste

 We've all done it. Made a pattern that we loved, plotted 50 more versions, then instantly moved on to "ooooo shiny!" and neglected the tried and true. I made my first Victoria Blazer almost exactly two years ago...eep! I LOVE that blazer, it's one of my favorite things I've ever made. For all that time, I've been wanting to make a second (and third...) and I finally did!



Read More» Organic Cotton Fabric Haul

Creation: Organic Cotton Fabric Haul

Fabrics Used: Stornetta Blue, Blue Roses  and Blue Jersey

The Visionary: Aldo , AldodoesVlog

Our Thoughts: Aldo at Aldo Does Vlog showed off her organic cotton fabric haul in this cute video.




Read More» Stylish Kimono

Creation: Double Gauze Kimono

Fabrics Used: Opal Double Gauze organic fabric

The Visionary: Virginia, GingerCake

Our Thoughts: Virginia at GingerCake made a stylish Kimono using our Opal Double Gauze fabric and reviewed it in a video. We love this video!

Read More» Jungle Print Play Clothes

Creation: Jungle Print Play Clothes

Fabrics Used: Waverine Interlock & White Fine Rib

The Visionary: Cindy, Siestas & Sewing

Our Thoughts: Cindy at Siestas & Sewing made a cute skater dress and play top for her adorable daughters using our Waverine Interlock and White fine Rib.

My daughters chose the Waverine Interlock which is an animal print for this project. and a coordinating rib knit (I ordered the White Fine Rib). 


Read More» Block Print Hand Dyed Linen Dress

I hope this helps and just let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. Have a great day ahead.Creation: Block Print Hand Dyed Linen Dress

Fabrics Used: Organic Hemp

The Visionary: Rochelle, Lucky Lucille

Our ThoughtsRochelle at Lucky Lucille made a cute and quirky dress with our organic hemp. So original!


Read More» Pretty Play Dress

Creation: Pretty Play Dress

Fabrics Used: Organic Interlock and Thermal Knit

The Visionary: Mie, Sewing Like Mad

Our ThoughtsMie at Sewing Like Mad made a pretty play dress for her little girl using our organic thermal knit and interlock. So adorable!


Read More» Cute Baby Pants

Creation: Cute Baby Pants

Fabrics Used: Frolic Main Girl & Goldenrod Interlock

The Visionary: Denise, Whimsy Couture

Our ThoughtsDenise at Whimsy Couture made a cute pair of baby pants using our organic interlock. Precious!


Read More» Stencilled & Dyed T Shirt

Creation: Stencilled & Dyed Shirt

Fabrics Used: Cotton Jersey

The Visionary: Justine, Sew Country Chick

Our ThoughtsJustine at Sew Country Chick experimented with our Cotton Jersey. What a funky look!


Read More» Green Bay Shirt

Creation: Green Bay Shirt

Fabrics Used: Green Cotton Baby Rib

The Visionary: Cindy, Siestas and Sewing

Our ThoughtsCindy at Siestas and Sewing made a fun, casual shirt for her handsome son.


Read More» Vintage Inspired Dress

Creation:Vintage inspired Dress

Fabrics Used: Navy Blue Sateen

The Visionary: Lauren, Lladybird

Our Thoughts: Lauren at Lladybird.com made an elegant vintage inspired dress - simple, yet stylish.


Read More» 1940's Button up Shirt

Creation:1940's Button up Shirt

Fabrics Used: Natural Flannel and Procion MX dye

The Visionary: Rochelle, Lucky Lucille

Our Thoughts: Rochelle at Lucky Lucille made a classic 1940s button up shirt using our natural flannel and dye. She looks quite the part!


Read More» Boho Tunic

Creation: Boho Tunic

Fabrics Used: Plum Interlock

The Visionary: Denise, Whimsy Couture Boutique

Our ThoughtsDenise at Whimsy Couture Boutique made a cute little tunic using our Plum Interlock fabric. 

 amazingly soft interlock knit fabric in plum from Organic Cotton Plus arrived very quickly with an endearing label from their business.

I prewashed and dried it and it came out beautifully!


Read More» Fox Fabric Nightgowns

Creation: Fox Fabric Nightgowns

Fabrics Used: Fox Fabric Flannel

The Visionary: Jessica, Happy Together by Jess

Our Thoughts: Jessica from Happy Together By Jess made some really cute nightgowns for her girls and we love them!

Read More» Stylish Striped Rugby Shirt

Creation: Stylish Striped Rugby Shirt

Fabrics Used: Midnight Blue and Pink Striped Interlock

The Visionary: Peter, Male Pattern Boldness

Our Thoughts: Peter at Male Pattern Boldness created a funky rugby shirt using our Midnight blue and pink striped Interlock. How cool does he look?


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