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Vintage Baby Dress and Bonnet Saturday, July 18 2015
Creation: Vintage Baby Dress and Bonnet
Fabrics Used: Miraleste Voile
The Visionary: Terra, Mama Says Sew
Our Thoughts:  Terra from Mama Says Sew made a beautiful vintage dress and matching bonnet for her adorable baby. So cute!
I was going to use this lovely voile fabric to make a button up shirt for me, because this was the perfect lightweight fabric for a summer shirt, but I ended up using it to make this vintage baby dress and bonnet that I've been wanting to make for my baby.
The fabric is so soft and since it's also organic, I thought it would be perfect for a baby, especially my baby who has super sensitive skin. I also used some organic thread. I noticed it was slightly thicker than the usual all purpose thread I usually use. It also comes wound on a cute vintage looking wooden spool. It's more expensive then regular thread, but that's typical with things that are organic.
This rick rack collar was one of the trickiest things I've ever sewn. It's not perfect, but I really like how it looks anyway. So darling above the pleats.
I used a couple of paper patterns to create this look.  I really like PDF patterns because the fit is tested, but some of them are missing technique. Paper patterns are really helpful in teaching me the "right" way to sew things. 
I love the piping detail on this bonnet. There are also instructions for embroidery, but I ended up skipping that since I used a print instead of a solid color. I thought the embroidery would get lost in this print.
And here it is on my adorable baby. The fit of the bloomers was spot on, the bonnet was great, but the dress ran large, which is kind of par for the course in my experience with paper patterns.
And a little dimpled baby hand. I love the rick rack trim and the tuck at the bottom of this dress!
This fabric was fantastic to sew with and the perfect weight for a light baby summer dress. If you're willing to spend a little extra money on this, especially for organic, I'd recommend this fabric (or one of the other prints in the line). 


    October 19, 2015 Susan Barlow says:

    Love the outfit. Adorable!!

    March 03, 2016 Janie says:

    How precious! You did a great job. Live the vintage look and fabric. Do you know if this company, La Organica, carries fabric for baby quilts & blankets? My daughter is having triplet and would like to save her money by sewing some needed accessories. Thanks so much.

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