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Cute Baby Pants Thursday, October 8 2015
Creation: Cute Baby Pants
The Visionary: Denise, Whimsy Couture
Our ThoughtsDenise at Whimsy Couture made a cute pair of baby pants using our organic interlock. Precious!
I always love what I get from Organic Cotton Plus. This time I have received this yummy package of two interlock knit fabrics. The colorful print is Interlock-45″-Frolic Main Girl and the gorgeous mustard/yellow fabric is Interlock-58″-Goldenrod. Both have a fantastic feel and I especially love how soft both are! 

What exactly is organic fabric?

The fiber for this kind of material comes from organic farms where no herbicides or pesticides are being used. It is a way of growing fibers which are in compliance with organic agricultural standards. So no genetically modified seeds to make materials for sewing your kids clothes and more. It is definitely getting the green thumb from us!

What can be made from organic cotton fabric?

Lots of things! You can use it to make baby clothes because it is so soft and healthy for their young skin and of course healthy for all of us. Use organic cotton fabric to make bed sheets and pillows from. It is not only softer to sleep on but you know that is made from sustainable fibers and just the best that is out there. Even for your pets it will be healthier if they can sleep on organic bedding. Organic Cotton Plus also offers batting and filling.

It was a hard decision what to make from those beautiful knit fabrics. But I decided to make a pair of baby pants. After all, that will be the most rewarding thing to know that we can make our children clothes that are healthy for them!


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