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Eco-dyed Tshirt Thursday, February 1 2018
I'm feeling totally proud of this show & tell today, not only did I sew this t-shirt but I also I dyed it with rose petals. So here it is, my first attempt at Eco Dyeing! 
I got my inspiration for eco dyeing from this book (in Australia here) and honestly, it was just so super easy to do. The hardest part of eco dyeing is waiting - waiting for the dye to set so you can unroll the fabric to see what magic you have created. Also, the best part about dyeing this was is that you don't need any fancy equipment! 
Eco Dyeing:
I wanted to see if there was difference between using dried petal vs fresh petals, as you can see,
yes there is a major difference!
I used organic cotton jersey fabric from here, soy milk, rose petals, tea leaves (from my teapot) and some string and I used this tshirt pattern!

If you want to try this fun process yourself, I also recommend reading the following books: eco dyeing for fabric, or this book for yarn and this book for setting up your own 'dyeing garden' (which is what I'm trying to do!). 

You can do this too, just remember to use your imagination and have fun!


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