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Cool White T

Creation:  Cool White T

Fabrics UsedWhite Interlock Knit

The Visionary: Lauren, Lladybird

Our Thoughts:  Who doesn't love a classic white t-shirt? Lauren at Lladybird made a classic t-shirt using our White interlock knit.

I’m ok with sewing my own basics. I like that I make a tshirt for roughly the same cost as something from the mall, except I can control the fit as I like it and I also know the hem stitches aren’t going to fall out the first time I throw it in the wash. Maybe making tshirts is simple and the exact opposite of exciting, but sometimes I’m having a bad day and I just want to make something without thinking too much about it – and for me, that perfect something is the tshirt. Some people bake when they’re in a bad mood. I make tshirts.

I chose the white interlock knit from Organic Cotton Plus and set to work making some basics. In organic because, yeah, I be fancy.