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Sweet Skater Dress and Tunic Thursday, May 7 2015
Creation: Sweet Skater Dress and Tunic
Fabrics Used: Cloud Cover Jersey
The Visionary: Cindy, SiestasandSewing.blogspot.com
Our Thoughts: Cindy at SiestasandSewing made a cute skater dress and tunic for her little girls using our Cloud Cover Jersey. They look really cool!
size: 7/8 years
fabric:  Cloud Cover cotton jersey from Organic Cotton Plus and a few pieces of a Chez Ami jersey that is no longer available
mods:  added a pocket and an extra inch in length to the sleeves
The jersey was a dream to cut and sew. The only 'hard' part was pressing and pinning the hem prior to sewing. Jersey fabric (almost always) curls in on its self. But with a little patience and a lot of pins/pressing it's not a big deal.
size: 8
fabric: Cloud Cover cotton jersey from Organic Cotton Plus
mods: cut the back yoke narrower and on the fold to eliminate the buttons, cut the lower back piece not as wide, used a larger seam allowance (3/4") for sewing the neckline

The Cloud Cover Jersey is 55" wide and with 2 yards worth I was able to cut out a dress and a top. I did need to use another fabric for the front and back yoke lining on the Hide-n-Seek Tunic. I also didn't have quite enough width when it came time to cut out my final piece. Basically, I ended up eliminating the need for gathering on the lower back pattern piece. That was lack of planning on my part and could have been avoided if I'd thought it through before cutting.
Even though eliminating the gathering in the back was a make do moment, I rather like how it looks. If you did it in the front and also did color blocking, it would make a really cute customized Hide-n-Seek top.
But the gathers are also sweet!;)  I had planned on adding buttons on the sides of the front yoke but we decided that the blue top was pretty enough on it's own. My one other mod was to use a larger seam allowance on the neckline to make sure that there was enough room for the tunic to pull on over BK's head. 
Both girls agree that the organic cotton jersey is soft and comfortable to wear.  After the photo shoot, they opted to keep the clothes on instead of changing back into what they were wearing.  You know you have clothing that will get worn when they aren't begging to change!;)


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