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Toddler Dress and Skirt

Creation: Toddler Dress

Fabrics UsedInterlock-Elk Fam, Sun and Stretch Jersey, Black

The Visionary: Marie, CraftyRie.com

Our Thoughts: This is such an adorable dress for a little girl! We love the fabric choices! We also love the fact that she used her scraps to make a cute skirt too!


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Creation: Stencilled & Dyed Shirt

Fabrics Used: Cotton Jersey

The Visionary: Justine, Sew Country Chick

Our ThoughtsJustine at Sew Country Chick experimented with our Cotton Jersey. What a funky look!


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Creation: Sweet Skater Dress and Tunic

Fabrics Used: Cloud Cover Jersey

The Visionary: Cindy, SiestasandSewing.blogspot.com

Our Thoughts: Cindy at SiestasandSewing made a cute skater dress and tunic for her little girls using our Cloud Cover Jersey. They look really cool!


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Creation: Hand stamped maxi dress

Fabrics Used: Natural Stretch Jersey

The Visionary: Justine, SewCountryChick.com

Our Thoughts:  Justine at SewCountryChick used her creativity to make a unique sundress and it looks great.

A couple of years ago, I bought some wooden stamps at The Rose Bowl Flea Market.I got a few yards of beautiful natural colored organic cotton with lycra from Organic Cotton Plus. It was an undyed, organic cotton jersey with just a hint of lycra, in a perfect weight for dresses.  I absolutely love the quality. Being organic, as well as cotton, it was a perfect canvas to hand dye and stamp. Polyester blends don’t take dye very well. This was the perfect opportunity to finally try out my Indian fabric stamp!


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