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Baby Layette Monday, June 8 2015

Creation: Baby Layette

Fabrics Used:Elephant Interlock, Possibility Print Interlock

The Visionary: Donna and Rachel, Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Our Thoughts: Donna and Rachel at Once Upon a Sewing Machine created a couple of cute baby layettes using our Interlock. How adorable!



While tiny baby sewing can feel intimidating at first, I’ve really enjoyed putting together the first pieces of my October baby’s layette.

We’ve decided to wait to discover the gender of this baby until we actually meet baby-which is a first for us. Consequently we have a lot of boy and girl newborns outfits, but not much really gender neutral.

I was excited to give the knits at Organic Cotton Plus a try and this seemed the perfect fit. We reviewed a voile earlier and have purchased several fabrics from them, they have always proven to be soft and high quality.



I started with this great elephant interlock. Since it will be getting cold here in October a few little hats are a must. The Tiddly Wink toppers comes in two styles, with the elephants I sewed up a slouchy beanie.




I really enjoy sewing with knits- but your options in stores can be very limited. Ordering knits online can be really scary. I’ve been burned before. There is nothing sadder than receiving a stiff print with no stretch.

The interlock elephants are a 6 oz weight, well under where I would risk ordering on some sites. While it is a slightly lighter knit (expected) it has a beautiful stretch and recovery. There is no risk you’ll be seeing your hand through this fabric. I would be comfortable using this material from spring, through summer, into early fall.



To compare the available options I made the start of my next set out of a green patterned interlock with an 11 oz weight. While both fabrics are nice and obviously quailty you can certainly feel the difference in weight. This is the fabric that you pull out of a package and go “ooooooooh” over.


The Caterpillar pants are a super quick sew. I made mine with just a standard hem instead of the cuff option. I tend to have really long babies (they can thank daddy for their height) so I’m leaving myself open to adding a cuff to stretch the wear time on these.

The recovery on this knit is nice enough I used it for the waistband also and wouldn’t hesitate to add a cuff in it. These little pants are such a fast sew I’m sure I’ll whip up a few more, probably one to match my elephant top!



If your not familiar with Organic Cotton Plus I would recommend giving their about page a quick look. We’ve been making a bigger effort in my house to cut out the extra processed and manufactured gunk- it makes sense we should think about the fabric we put on our bodies too right?



    August 26, 2015 Bernadina says:

    Lovely .

    August 26, 2015 Bernadina says:

    Lovely .

    October 31, 2015 Julie says:

    How cute!!! I definitely want to try this <3 love the prints.

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