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Pretty Play Dress

Creation: Pretty Play Dress

Fabrics Used: Organic Interlock and Thermal Knit

The Visionary: Mie, Sewing Like Mad

Our ThoughtsMie at Sewing Like Mad made a pretty play dress for her little girl using our organic thermal knit and interlock. So adorable!


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Creation: Boho Tunic

Fabrics Used: Plum Interlock

The Visionary: Denise, Whimsy Couture Boutique

Our ThoughtsDenise at Whimsy Couture Boutique made a cute little tunic using our Plum Interlock fabric. 

 amazingly soft interlock knit fabric in plum from Organic Cotton Plus arrived very quickly with an endearing label from their business.

I prewashed and dried it and it came out beautifully!


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Creation: Stylish Striped Rugby Shirt

Fabrics Used: Midnight Blue and Pink Striped Interlock

The Visionary: Peter, Male Pattern Boldness

Our Thoughts: Peter at Male Pattern Boldness created a funky rugby shirt using our Midnight blue and pink striped Interlock. How cool does he look?


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Creation: Sweet Summer Shorts

Fabrics Used: Butterscotch Interlock and Swedish Tracing Paper

The Visionary: Karly, Paisley Roots

Our Thoughts:  Karly from Paisley Roots made a pair of adorable summer shorts for her little girl using our Butterscotch Interlock. So sweet!


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Creation: Baby Layette

Fabrics Used:Elephant Interlock, Possibility Print Interlock

The Visionary: Donna and Rachel, Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Our Thoughts: Donna and Rachel at Once Upon a Sewing Machine created a couple of cute baby layettes using our Interlock. How adorable!


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