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Rainbow Sweater Tuesday, December 21 2021

It's been a while since I've worked with Organic Cotton Plus and I'm over the moon for this sweater I've made using their Naturally Dyed Wool Yarn Worsted Weight! The last sweater I made was all a solid color, but we couldn't pass up making a rainbow one!
My last sweater was made 4.5 years ago (how can it have been that long!??) You can check out the other sweater here.
I do apologize for all the pictures! This post certainly is chalk full of them because we're all crushing on this sweater.

The yarn is Naturally Dyed Wool Yarn Worsted Weight in colors:

Bright Red, Orange, Sun Yellow, Avacado Green, Indigo Blue, and Magenta.

The yarn is dyed with eco-friendly, all-natural vegetable dyes. The Bright Red and Indigo Blue do turn your colors each color respectively. I giggled quite a bit when the kids thought I was bleeding after knitting one of the red parts. This indigo Blue was a deeper color than the one I made the last sweater in and I just love how each individual batch is it's own unique color. Also, if you have one solid one planned, make sure you order it all together because each batch may be slightly different colors.

I used circular needles size 6/26 and 9/26 which I got from Organic Cotton Plus years ago and now I can say that they have some years of use out of them and are amazing.

The sweater pattern is the Pier 60 Sweater by Melissa Schaschwary. Last time I made the Pier 9, but my kids are all adult sized now (on the exception of Jude) so I needed to make the adult version.
It's the second size up and I used 6 skeins, one in each color, and still had a bit left over of each. I'm not really sure what I can make with what's left over, but I do think it's enough for a pair of socks.
We absolutely loved the last sweater and it's still hanging in the closet. It had a bit of an unfortunate accident of being put in the dryer and becoming felted, so now is a bit to small to fit my giants of children. We're going to make sure to be extra careful on this one!
I did make a change to the neckline on this one. The pattern has quite a generous neckband and we wanted it more of a regular neck, so instead of binding off to having just 13 stitches on each side, we ended up with 22 on each side and then followed the pattern for decreasing after that. I love the higher neck, but definitely wanted that noted for anyone else making the pattern. 
We realized today that Paisley has overtaken Zoe in height, but their measurements are basically spot on the same, so they're very excited to be able to share the sweater. I'm sure I will end up seeing Zoe in this sweater more than Paisley, but I could always be surprised!
The only real hard part of making this pattern was figuring out how big to make each block. You can see how good my math skills are in how small the red block at the top is. LOL
I may have also had to make a few goes of the sleeves before getting the decreases in the correct places. Redoing them was definitely the right call though!
Organic Cotton Plus's yarn is really amazing and I always love working with it. Have you worked with it before? What color would you get?
I hope you've enjoyed my overload of pictures for this, and really check out Organic Cotton Plus!!


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