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Halloween bagels

Fun Flowery Print Dress

Creation: Fun Flowery Print Dress

Fabrics Used: Lunada Bay Voile

The Visionary: Donna, Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Our Thoughts:  Donna at Once Upon a Sewing Machine made a spring dress for her daughter using our Lunada Bay Voile fabric. She looks adorable!


The fabrics at Organic Cotton Plus are 100% organic. They have expanded their lines to include knits a well as all kinds of woven fabrics. If you are looking for high quality organic fabrics this is a good place to start. After I was finished with my project, I was left with piece of fabric that I will use in the warmer weather for a summer tunic. We’ve actually already placed another fabric order as well.


Halloween bagels

Vintage Baby Dress and Bonnet

  1. Creation: Vintage Baby Dress and Bonnet

Fabrics Used: Miraleste Voile

The Visionary: Terra, Mama Says Sew

Our Thoughts:  Terra from Mama Says Sew made a beautiful vintage dress and matching bonnet for her adorable baby. So cute!'




I was going to use this lovely voile fabric to make a button up shirt for me, because this was the perfect lightweight fabric for a summer shirt, but I ended up using it to make this vintage baby dress and bonnet that I've been wanting to make for my baby.



Halloween bagels

Senior Thesis Project

Creation: Senior Thesis Project

Fabrics Used: A variety of fabrics HERE

The Visionary: Callie Jensen, Calliejensen.com

Our Thoughts:  Callie from CallieJensen.com used Organic Cotton Plus sustainable fabrics as part of her thesis entitled "Made in ________". We think she did a fantastic job and wish her a wonderful career.


After World War One, there was a push for sustainable clothing development, not because it was “in fashion,” but because resources were scarce. The repair and reuse of items became a necessity, and fabrics were rationed just as were many other supplies. At the time, grains, flour, and plant growing supplements were delivered in cotton-linen bags that were durable and tightly woven as to transport the various kinds of feed. For women like my great-great-grandmother, who lived on farms, this created an incredible resource. The bags often came in friendly floral patterns which made them desirable and easy to repurpose into clothing. By the end of World War II, increases in mass production in the food and fashion industries created a depreciation in quality that persists today.





Halloween bagels

Simple Summer Dress

Creation: Simple Summer Dress

Fabrics UsedInterlock Knit

The Visionary: Suzannah, Create/Enjoy

Our ThoughtsSuzannah at Create/Enjoy had some left over Interlock Knit fabric and made this simple, yet elegant summer dress.


It's been off and on super hot and super rainy here! Early June in Oregon, what did we expect?

But, I've been ready for summer dresses again with last weekend in the 80's and this weekend maybe up to 90 degrees. I wanted a really simple, comfy, easy dress for this weather, so I pulled out the leftover fabric from this maxi dress--really nice, medium-heavy weight interlock knit from Organic Cotton Plus, great use for leftover high quality fabric.

It laid really well at the neckline, which is just a folded-over-once hem. This weight is great for a dress! And this dress is so comfy and great for hot days!