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Simple Summer Dress

Creation: Simple Summer Dress

Fabrics UsedInterlock Knit

The Visionary: Suzannah, Create/Enjoy

Our ThoughtsSuzannah at Create/Enjoy had some left over Interlock Knit fabric and made this simple, yet elegant summer dress.


It's been off and on super hot and super rainy here! Early June in Oregon, what did we expect?

But, I've been ready for summer dresses again with last weekend in the 80's and this weekend maybe up to 90 degrees. I wanted a really simple, comfy, easy dress for this weather, so I pulled out the leftover fabric from this maxi dress--really nice, medium-heavy weight interlock knit from Organic Cotton Plus, great use for leftover high quality fabric.

It laid really well at the neckline, which is just a folded-over-once hem. This weight is great for a dress! And this dress is so comfy and great for hot days!