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Halloween bagels

Elegant Easter Dresses

Creation: Elegant Easter Dresses

Fabrics Used: Lunada Bay Voile

The Visionary: Caroline, SewCanShe.com

Our Thoughts:  Caroline from SewCanShe.com made adorable Easter dresses for her children using our Lunada Bay Voile.


The fabric I picked is Lunada Bay organic cotton voile (so fine and pretty), with a solid version of the same voile for the dress linings.

I really like the Organic Cotton Plus website. It's easy to navigate and there are lots of explanations and descriptions (including this one that explains why Organic fabric is so special) This way you know just what you're getting. Plus the prices are very competitive with low shipping. I shopped around so I know. :)


Halloween bagels

Perfect Playdate Dress

Creation: Perfect Playdate Dress

Fabrics Used: Lunada Bay Voile

The Visionary: Janice, SoCal Sewing Mom

Our Thoughts:  Janice from Socal Sewing Mom made a really cute summer dress for her daughter using our Lunada Bay Voile fabric - perfect for playdates!


I chose some delicious fabric from Organic Cotton Plus - Lunada Bay voile from Cloud 9. Organic fabric - need I say more? Well, I had never sewn with voile. In fact, I don't even think I had ever felt it before. It's a beautiful weight - lightweight, but not so light that it's difficult to sew. It's like a cotton lawn, but a bit lighter weight. I did line the body of this dress using voile as well.


Halloween bagels

Nifty Art Supply Organizer

Creation: Elegant Rag Doll 

Fabrics Used: Natural Twill, White Thread, Natural Twill Tape

The Visionary: Erin, HelloSociety Influencer, http://erindollar.com/

Our Thoughts:  Erin, an HelloSociety Influencer made a nifty art supply organizer and some cool coasters using our Natural Twill and Notions. We love em!


I was eager to try a DIY project with the Organic Twill - it's a great middleweight fabric, which makes it great for a many different types of DIY projects. I loved experimenting with the Procion Dyes on the twill, the fabric soaked up the dye like a sponge, and it was super easy to create a shibori-inspired design.


Halloween bagels

A Made for Summer Maxi Dress

Creation:Lime Green Maxi Dress

Fabrics Used: Lime Green Interlock Knit

The Visionary: Suzannah, Create/Enjoy.com

Our Thoughts:  Suzannah at Create/Enjoy.com made a cool summer maxi dress using the Lime Green Interlock from Harmony Art

I've been wanting to incorporate more brights into my wardrobe for aaaaaaages, but it's hard to find the right colors at the fabric stores. I picked this  lime green interlock knit yardage from Organic Cotton Plus and it's   organic, too! It's super nice, much softer than I remember basic interlock knits being from when I was a kid and my mom made my doll clothes out of them. ;)

Halloween bagels

Pretty Floral Dress

Creation:  Pretty Floral Dress

Fabrics UsedEvelyn & Janette Twill

The Visionary: Kelly, CutCutSew

Our Thoughts:  Kelly at CutCutSew.com made a pretty summer dress that's just right for an elegant garden party.

Browsing the site, I immediately gravitated towards the organic cotton sateen- there were lots of great prints and solids but I was drawn to these pretty flowers. It is super soft and drapey, and I decided it had to be an Anna Dress.

Halloween bagels

Hand Stamped Maxi Dress

Creation: Hand stamped maxi dress

Fabrics Used: Natural Stretch Jersey

The Visionary: Justine, SewCountryChick.com

Our Thoughts:  Justine at SewCountryChick used her creativity to make a unique sundress and it looks great.

A couple of years ago, I bought some wooden stamps at The Rose Bowl Flea Market.I got a few yards of beautiful natural colored organic cotton with lycra from Organic Cotton Plus. It was an undyed, organic cotton jersey with just a hint of lycra, in a perfect weight for dresses.  I absolutely love the quality. Being organic, as well as cotton, it was a perfect canvas to hand dye and stamp. Polyester blends don’t take dye very well. This was the perfect opportunity to finally try out my Indian fabric stamp!


Halloween bagels

Cool White T

Creation:  Cool White T

Fabrics UsedWhite Interlock Knit

The Visionary: Lauren, Lladybird

Our Thoughts:  Who doesn't love a classic white t-shirt? Lauren at Lladybird made a classic t-shirt using our White interlock knit.

I’m ok with sewing my own basics. I like that I make a tshirt for roughly the same cost as something from the mall, except I can control the fit as I like it and I also know the hem stitches aren’t going to fall out the first time I throw it in the wash. Maybe making tshirts is simple and the exact opposite of exciting, but sometimes I’m having a bad day and I just want to make something without thinking too much about it – and for me, that perfect something is the tshirt. Some people bake when they’re in a bad mood. I make tshirts.

I chose the white interlock knit from Organic Cotton Plus and set to work making some basics. In organic because, yeah, I be fancy.

Halloween bagels

Awesomest Purple Shirt Ever!

Creation: Flannel Shirt

Fabrics UsedOrchid Flannel

The Visionary: Peter, Male Pattern Boldness

Our Thoughts:  Peter from Male Pattern Boldness made a flannel shirt with our Orchid Flannel. We think he looks sharp!



My orchid flannel shirt is finished. I couldn't be more pleased with it.

I had originally intended to add breast pockets to the shirt fronts and got as far as making them (though not the flaps). But this organic flannel is so thick -- I'd label it chamois, really -- that it would have added too much bulk to an area where I'm already somewhat bulky.

I think a men's shirt looks more elegant without pockets, don't you?

I've worked with flannel in the past, but never flannel this thick and luxurious. I interfaced only the outward-facing collar stand and collar, skipping the front button placket and cuffs, which didn't need the extra body. The fabric was very easy to work with.

Halloween bagels

Elegant Twill Shorts

Creation: Tailored Shorts

Fabrics UsedStone Cotton Twill

The Visionary: Cindy, Siestas and Sewing

Our Thoughts:  Cindy from Siestas and Sewing made a classy pair of tailored shorts using our Stone Cotton Twill. We think she did a fantastic job!

The kids (in particular the little girls) are the ones that benefit from my sewing most of the time. But this past week, thanks to Selfish Sewing Week, it was all about me. I made Maritime shorts, changed the pocket openings on the shorts, added an inch to the length, and narrowed the leg opening slightly

Halloween bagels

Mama's Maternity Shirt

Creation: Maternity Sweat Shirt

Fabrics UsedCornflower Interlock

The Visionary: Heather Feather, Feathers Flights

Our Thoughts:  Heather from Feathers Flights made a maternity sweat shirt with slits using our Cornflower Interlock. She looks so elegant.

As I've unpacked all my maternity and nursing clothes from my last pregnancy, I've realized I don't really have anything for winter. Henry was born in September so all my maternity clothes are basically shorts and tees. I need to make a bunch of winter maternity clothes before the snow comes! At Organic Cotton Plus they have lots of different types of fabric, but I, of course, chose knit. I can't go against my first true love, right? I chose interlock in cornflower because I wanted to make a maternity sweatshirt. Interlock is more stable than jersey but not quite as thick as sweatshirt fleece.

Halloween bagels

Rockin Romper

Creation:  Romper

Fabrics Used: Green Interlock

The VisionaryKelli, True Bias

Our Thoughts:  Kelli at True Bias made a really cute romper for her daughter using our Green Interlock. So cute!



I haven’t sewn with a lot of organic or fair trade fabrics before and was curious with all of the recent news happenings in the world of fashion and fabric of late. I feel generally good about the fact that I make such a large percentage of my own and my children’s clothes and are therefore contributing less to the problems of fast fashion, but then there is the next step of being aware of where the fabric I use comes from. Organic Cotton Plus is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standards and is committed to fair labor and sustainable materials.

Halloween bagels

Flirty Party Dress

Creation:  Party Dress

Fabrics UsedFields of Honey Sateen

The Visionary: Rochelle New, Lucky Lucille

Our Thoughts:  Rochelle at Lucky Lucille made a whimsical party dress out of our Fields of Honey Sateen. Pretty pink contrasts so vividly with solid black details - we love it!

 Fresh out of the dryer

I picked an organic cotton sateen from their Harmony Arts collection called Fields of Honey. I’m really drawn to big, bold prints so when I saw this one I just couldn’t resist! Now, before you look at the price of this fabric and wince at what two yards might cost you, let me show you what two yards of this 110″ wide print actually looks like…